The resolution of internal conflict by recourse to culturo-lingual therapy

Constituent agents for ego-genesis - travel - exploration and development.

Communication is the key to this project. A heady mix of the known and unknown. Language freed from its cultural moorings allows for new heterogeneous mixtures that can create that moment of (a) unifying communication and (b) healing ecstacy.

Dr Hindga is best known for his celebrated studies of personal and cultural dispersal; which, in the 1960s culminated in the concept of "Psycho Babel" on which the Therapeutic Mediation International programme is founded.

"Psycho Babel is probably the single most important addition to the Therapeutic Tool Box that we have seen in the last half century. It has radicalised and empowered thousands of fragmented individuals and allowed for communal reintegration."
Prof Ehrzfeld
Ptolemy Programme, European Personal Development Initiative

Dr Angela Throztik has been responsible to the Federal Psychological Control Agency (FPCA) for monitoring and reporting on the health of this important program for over a decade.

"There is firm evidence that no more than 0.25% of users have displayed any of the classic symptoms of the fixated transference syndrome. The FPCA is therefore allowing the program to continue during 2009/10 in the hope of further psychological refinement. It is essential for global creative health that Dr Hindga’s work moves on to meet 21st century challenges."

Dr Angela Throztik on behalf of FPCA

Update: Therapeutic Toolbox™ was reinstated for further clinical trial in February 2009. Using the recalibrated transference data. It is expected that more material will be published as it becomes available. Dr H.