Enter The Brothers af


*Toy Box Therapy (TBT) is part of a larger therapeutic program 'therapeutic tool box' ™ explorations: a holistic environment for personal transformation.

All participants in TOY BOX THERAPY sessions select their own toys. The transference and resulting narratives form part of a therapeutic program which uses the creative powers of play as a tool for personal discovery and development.

Between January and May 2007 'The Brothers af' was documented as an example of 'transference-in-action'.

Clients chose to use second generation ACTION MEN figures - 1993-2006 - designed/produced and copyright to HASBRO. Production of these Action Men figures ceased in 2006.

To follow the creative evolution of the experiences it is advised that sessions are viewed in chronological sequence.

All names have been altered to protect client security.

'To reap greatest personal benefit in a culture of Global Interaction - we must safeguard imagination.'

Dr Hindga
Founder of Therapeutic Mediation International
(TMI forms a world-wide network dedicated to the advancement of therapeutic techniques and programs)

Toy Box Therapy Health Warning

It is essential that TBT is always undertaken within strictly controlled therapeutic environments. All exchanges bear the risk of fixated transference, Historically the client-analyst pathway is littered with the unforeseen effects of such outcomes.

Enter The Brothers af