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Dear Spooksch

Another disgusting example of our pathetic voyeuristic culture!

(Disgusted: Centre for Cultural Research)

Voyeurism could be an attribute of the selfish gene. The jury is still out on this one. DS

Dear Dr. S

You have made no comments on The Brothers' dreams. Do you not think they are evidence of personal development. Personally I always have my dreams professionally interpreted.

Dawn Ridge SE Australia

The Brothers are very private individuals. Only Nathan has discussed his dreams with me. The presence of roses is probably symptomatic of horticultural anxiety. DS

Dear Dr. Spooksch,

What is your view on the early arrival of the crème egg?

(Concerned citizen)
(Name supplied)

Crème eggs have contributed a great deal to later 20thc symbolic substitution. I consider their earlier arrival in 2007 a concrete example of global wish-fulfilment. DS

Dear Dr Splotz

James has a touch of the Roger Moore about him. Are they related?

(Mrs XXX )

As Charles Darwin demonstratied with pigeons, selective breeding is an effective tool for establishing desirable traits. Could be James' mother was attracted to a Moore lookalike. DS

Dear Dr Splotz etc

Dear Dr. Spots

Are there any reasons to avoid soufflés?

(under 18: name can’t be given)

In the post-Curry climate eggs have been a source of continued scientific investigation. To date there has been no definitive research showing links between eggs and harmful leisure pursuits. DS

Dear Dr. Spock

How to The Brothers cope with so much media exposure?

(Media celebrity - name witheld)

It is good to see The Brothers accepted by Hollywood stars. Then, Hollywood is a stage unto itself.